Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Greetings from Poli JB

Hi nc, pam,val, gracie, nadia,tan, sal and Cat.
I'm doing 50/50 fine is that? Hehee..sure u all know what happen to me now. HOMESICK! HOMESICK! HOMESICK! and this is only my second day here.. TOOOOOOOO many stories to tell but i think i just don't know where to start. Last night, i couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of my baby. I cried almost an hour till my nose blocked. Even at office when sharing with the other lecturers who are in the same boat with me, we dropped tears. Lucky me because i have friends that caring and very helpful here. Cuma sedikit berbeza dengan orang Sabah la. But still gratefull.
On my arrival yesterday, my two Sabahans friend welcome me. Suddenly i felt at home juga la coz ada orang Sabah yang sambut sa dekat gate kolej. After that melapor diri di admin office and then ke office Jabatan Hospitaliti. And there, i met with other Sabahans. Grateful again. Nothing much i did yesterday. Chit Chat and meeting new colleagues till 5pm.
And today, we had an early morning briefing by the Dept Head. I was surprised because i was being asked to introduced myself in front of 38 staff in the dept..hehehe..nasib sa dapat maintain ayu..kakakkaaa..padahal kawan2 lain yg baru nda pun kena begitu. Special case kunu sa cos saturang sa sampai paling last..
Now, i'm still waiting for my teaching schedule. I requested for tourism subjects since my teaching xperience is in this field but they give me hotel subject as well. So, here i will teach both hotel and tourism subjects.
Since i'm still free, my dept head assigned me a special task already that is to be his assistant..adoi..tiba2 i'll help him to do some academic job like doing summary for certain modul for student used..ewah, ewah..mcm sa mo buat thesis pla ni. And at 3.30 today, i'll be his secretary for a short meeting with a senior lecturer. Something new for me but i'll take the challenge! Still, wanna thanks ACIC because provided me the opportunity to gain experience in the education field.
For now, only this that i can share. I'll write again when time allows. O ya, i'm using my friend's laptop to go online because my internet connection is having some problem. I miss Mr. Azfar because the IT staff here can't solve my problem...sighed... AZFAR, TOLONG SIAA!!!!! (Nc, ko gtau Azfar a..heheheh).
P/S: takut2 mo online selalu, nanti kena cakap pla staff baru online ja.

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nc said...

eh, blh komen ba pla sda, tdi sia inda npk,, hehe

ba, tk care there,, nda pyh fikir bnyk2,, blh call ba si yong2 tiap2 ari,, bapa dia ko inda rindu kah? hehe