Thursday, January 29, 2009

What happen when women conquer the world?

Hehehee..this is so nice to share with friends. An email forwarded by a friend of mine.

Should we women do this at office? Nah, gentleman..dun forget to put down the toilet seat after used ya..(*-^)

Exactly a woman la pula!

Phewwit!! Strictly for blue and red cars please..

Thinking of not only 2 in 1 makeup set? Maybe Douglas Engelbert should think to invent a new mouse version..

Hahahahahaa...i want a car that having this la..

Can u find 'ANY'?

Boleh jadi pelamin sudah ni..

Hope it will makes your day today ladies!


Kris and Nadia said...

alaalaa... :) thanks.. make my day :) hihi...

Zoi said...

sibuk brsukan ka Nadia? ya ba kan awal sem sekolah slalu gitu. Ba, happy2 selalu ya!Tahun ni tahun ko kan? Jadi mesti happy supaya 'HONG' datang banyak bilang..hehhee

Gallivanter said...

I've seen some of this before...LOL! Nice one!