Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to work again.. lazy today. Since there is no lecture today, i've been sitting on my cosy chair, surfing internet, blogging, facebook-ing and friendster-ing and made my chair warm all day long! I'm pretty sure all the germs that living in my chair pengsan mati sudah kena panas..hihiii..

And its 3.30pm already and i still didn't touch any office work. Huahuahua..! Today, i've decided to be a real unproductive worker! Azam ni makan gaji buta hr ni..kuangkuang..

BTW, what you guys did during the 4 days off-work?

Me? Of course went back to my favorite destination ever: Kg. Lokoton, Kudat. My very peaceful village. So happy to be there at every chance i have. But this time, only me and my lil Yong Yong @ Daniel, my 9 months son. Sad, because hubby can't join. Have to be very patient if you married a hotel's staff. I mean, very small chance to get leave during Public Holiday (PH) because usually that's the time hotel is full house or high occupancy. Yeah, full house means, full complaints as well. That's why its not easy to get ur leave application approved..

Going back to kampung is always my first choice if given a choice where to go during PH. And having a strong reason nowadays because my lil Yong Yong needs to be familiarized with his grandmas and grandpas, nieces and nephews at Kampung. I don't want him to be familiar with only relatives from my hubby's sides..thanks God, he is learning.

Below are some pictures of him, enjoying his ride on his auntie's shoulder. Picture taken on Sunday afternoon while we were on the way home from church. We supposed to wait for my older brother to send us home by car, but we chose to walk, and again this is Yong Yong familiarisation to the kampung environment..hihi..

Mau posing juga untuk kamera

Sambil lompat2 mcm tu orang naik kuda

Above and below: Showing off his 'gigi tikus'

Yong2 with his aunt Nani and aunt Oying..


Michelle said...

awalnya u start working...on the 2nd day of CNY? not public holiday ka? ur yong yong really really cute cute o...:D

Kris and Nadia said...

wah... gembira nmpk..eee... sya lama sda mo pg kudat ooo... huhu... mo pg simpang mengayau ni..huahua...

Fantastic Ajane said...

so comel oo ur son..:)