Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm so tired!

Very busy lately. I didn't even had the chance to sit at my work desk yesterday. Having class from 8am-2.30pm and continued with the final examination question translation till 5pm.

Today early a.m, still need to continue because it wasn't done yesterday. I need to translate about 4o multiple choice questions and plus 4 essays. Luckily i share with 2 other lecturers. So, we do it together especially in finding the appropriate words to translate the Malay to English. Hmm..nevertheless, it is a new experience i gained here. The senior lects told me that we will be in the Lembaga peperiksaan for 3 years. Well, i expect more things to learn from this new task apart from teaching. A lot more to learn!

Today, i take time to open my blog and visit friend's blogs. Enjoy reading their posts and funny posts really made my day today..

Another task in my top list: checking and marking Laporan Latihan Industri pelajar. I have 1 report on my desk and another 3 coming tomorrow. Tebal2 lagi tu! After that i need to interview all 4 of them, one by one...ngenge..nda pa, senang saja itu. Aiseh..

Allright, i back to my work dulu ya. Mo jadi lecturer yang rajin. Ada markah tau kalau rajin, pas tu ble dikira untuk kenaikan pangkat. Aiseseh..mimpi sdh mo naik pangkat kunu sa ni..hehehe..

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