Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ragam kawan

At first i don't want to post this. And even if i post it, i don't want people to read it or comment it. I just need to say it out of my heart.

Its about a new friend that i knew since i work in Poli JB. Means i knew him (yes, a 'HIM')..for only 3 weeks. Remember that i stay with two other ladies frm Sabah in JB? I have no problem with the ladies as we are 'satu kepala'. But with this guy (not staying with us la), even he is nice and kind but still, there are lists of his attitude that i'm not really 'ok' with it. ( and in fact the two ladies friend also not 'ok' but they just pretend nothing serious happened).

This morning i talked to him about his -ve attitude that i (we) don't like. At first i want to make it as a joke but all of a sudden i got emotional and moody (err..perhaps my 'monthly guest' is about to come). He just smile and kept quiet like i say nothing! So egoistic la this guy!

okey, let me tell u other things about 'HIM' that i don't like:

1. When he come to our house for dinner, he usually let us wash his dishes. I thought, its only for sometimes basis but NO its everytime! (hello, you are not my husband, do not expect me (we) to layan u like our husbands! but unfortunately he did, does and doing!) But from today, i promise myself, i don't want to wash his dishes anymore)

2. When we go for shopping (barang-barang makan) he rarely offer help to carry the things we buy. (tau la we share beli, tapi pandai-pandai la tolong bawa ba, yang masak kami, dia tinggal makan, bukan berkira tapi sama2 jauh dari keluarga, pandai la bertolak ansur)

3. He wants us to follow his wants on certain things. (everytime kami jalan, kami jalan berempat but there was once he drove us to his uncle's house that he didn't say it clearly to us before departing. Adakah cam tu, whereas we wanted to go somewhere else.) Nasib la we dropped by to the place on the way back home.

There are some more but i think the 1st and 2nd are the most 'bikin panas' perasaan sa.

I just don't know how but, my two friends said 'memang begitulah sikap dia tu' (dorang da kenal si kawan lelaki ni (yang masih bujang tapi ada girlfriend) dekat 2 tahun sdh, mungkin dorang lebih bersabar daripada saya).

Apa yang saya perlu buat ialah saya akan BERSABAR saja la. Since dia salah seorang yang tolong sa semasa sampai di Poli JB.

..sigh..tak tau apa nak cakap.


Kris and Nadia said...

alalalaa.. bikin maradang jg tu..kali kurang kasih sayang ba tu..hihi.. dia mau kena layan mcm husband la kunun tu.. eee mau di tampar terajang jg tu..huhu.. ba lek2 kita.. mo lent sda ni :) bsabar separuh dr iman :)

Zoi said...

ko tau nadia, pas sia post kan, lega betul sa rasa balik rumah semalam. Kawan tu actually 'pilot' kami hari-hari juga. So, petang tu act mcm teda apa2 la yg terjadi, sa pun buat cam besa ja. and after dinner last night..hehehe, dia cuci piring sendiri pla..keekkee..okey..an improvement.