Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am now a Nuffnanger! i re-registered my blog in the Nuffnang..okey, okey..i know for you outhere''ish..lama sudah ba ni Nuffnang ni, baru dia mau join?'..hehe..

Allright, i tell you why i made decision as one of the Nuffnanger today. I am very particular with anything in the internet required me to fill in my I/C number, account number or anything that is supposed to be confidential..

You know why right? its because there are so many 'monkey businesses' actively being promoted. Silap haribulan, kena tipu kita...

i take sometimes to wait and see other friends joining and what happen to them afterwards. And congrates for Nuffnang because you gain my attention..tidak salah ba kan berhati-hati.

And.. congrates to Nancy sebab sudah dapat cek pertama dari Nuffnang..hehe. Sebenarnya saya tunggu ko sama cath dulu dapat tu baru saya mau join balik..baru la saya percaya..hehe.

and what's with this picture?..its me in my 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. I cut my hair short and to keep it short this year. Firstly, i want to straighten my hair (perm in planning too) but when i know i'm pregnant, cancelled the plan. I strongly believe, its not good to straighten or perm hair while pregnant. Yupp, i did my reserch. Nanti ada kesan sama baby dalam kandungan.

Smiling widely because within the short time given, i managed to finish marking all the mathematics paper, did the final questions analysis, student mark analysis and bla bla..(sorry, no body wants to know what are the boring tasks i carried out in the office, just would like to share share ba ni :)..) May be its the baby gave me all the strengths. Last long weekend had been sacrificed to just stay at home finishing my job..padahal, i really want to mandi laut last week..:(. but its okay, there is holiday on 17th May kan?..yeay, nda sabar sudah mandi laut ni!

Yours truly..Uzoeiy@Zoi.


Kay Masingan said...

hey bincang2 idea cara elakkan bankrap di page sa..

nc said...

ba, sama2 kita be kempen meng klik2 a.. sama2 dpt faedah :)

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

cath and nc; belum lg sia paham betul ni mcm mana mo main. sia malas mo baca tu apa yg disuruh baca ba..hehe

Kris and Nadia said...

Congratulation :) take care ar :)

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

thank u nad..ko pun arr..tahniah dah ada baby khloe..