Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I hate that Smell from the Cafeteria!

Late period, nausea, lost my appetite, hate smell from kitchen...rasa2nya tanda2 apa itu a?..hmm..though its not confirm yet but i'm sure i'm having morning sickness!
Yepp, that's mean i am pregnant. Yong2's lil sister or lil brother is on the way! :)
I would say , this time is totally different. Dulu, tiada macam ni..rileks saja. Almost 2 weeks already i have those mentioned problems. Hate it. During class just now, i really can't stand the smell coming from the cafeteria near to my class. I never had this last time. Tapi, apa boleh buat kan. Terpaksa la menanggung derita utk beberapa bulan demi adik Yong2..hehe!
Hubby and me planning to do check up this Friday. And only after that everything will be confirmed.:)


pwincess Lov3y dOv3y said...

congrate la puan.
take care of yourself k puan.:)

nc said...

wah....kita sama2 bergood news la ni kn :) tahniah2 :) sa abis sda morning sickness..tpi masih pndai pening2 kdg2 hehe kurang darah.

zoi said...

thank you p.lovey dovey. p khabar u all?

nc: haha, tengkiu2. mau maintain o kalau darah ni.amalkanlah resepi2 yg ada. cepat tu bertambah darah.