Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lazying at home at weekend

I went to bed late last nite, woke up early this morning, play farmville till lunch time, start 'zzzzzzz' at around 12noon and woke up at 4.20pm..

I skipped church today..have no mood to go out from home. I spent my day playing games..not really a quality time during weekend but i'm just lazy to spend time outside..For some, may say 'boringnya hidup dia ni' but i prefer it that least i'm not exposed to the various pollutions (air, wrong-doing of couple, etc.) outside.
O yea..talking about wrong-doing of couples in public, i remembered an incident at a restaurant nearby our housing area. It was last month during the fasting month. Three friends and i were waiting for our meal being served and sat right next to our table was a muslim couple. We couldn't really sure if they are just married (but clearly seen no INAI at their hands), just declared as a lovey dovey couple or what but we were extremely irritated by their drama..
Hishh..tell you pals, mo muntah kami tingu 'drama' dorang ba..bergesel sini bergesel sana..renungan si perempuan terhadap si lelaki, renungan si lelaki terhadap si perempuan..tangan si lelaki ampai sana, tangan si perempuan ampai sini.. Yakss!!
We obviously and clearly said things that we hope they will heard such as 'eeee..teda tempat lain ka mo buat begitu', 'bikin malu la', 'Ipah (one of my friend), jangan ko buat begitu aaa sama bf ko, bikin malu', 'eeeii..sudah la tu, mo muntah kami tingu'..
You guys know what..they just make don't know if we weren't talking 'bout them..Sungguh x senonoh dan tak tau malu. Time puasa lagi tu..Hahaha..kami pun penyibuk ni, mau tingu juga apa dorang buat. The waiters at the restaurant just ignored them. Benda2 mcm ni bukan apa, we take it as a LESSON aka pengajaran aka pedoman..

Hehe..cerita selingan.


Tommorrow is Monday and i'm going to be busy again, i its better tonight i go to bed early. I still uploading 3D2N camping pictures. Internet is slow currently makes me no mood to upload it.

Till then, Good Night to everyone. Have a good rest and God Bless U.


nc said...

hahaha..besa la tu.. org mcm ni kn,, makin kamu pndang..makin dorang nak buat. sengaja.. :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, you should be here, you'll really see happenings unlike what you saw, ha ha.
Anyway, I guess there are people who are just oblivious to their surroundings...
Have a nice day, Lee.

Zoi said...

nc: betul tu Nc..nda kesah la bangsa apa, agama apa, kalau sdh mau begitu memang dorang nda kesah sdh sekeliling.

Uncle Lee: Haha..maybe next time i'll see more happenings, then i'll need to get ready with my black sunglasses la..