Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Rain inside the office

I visited Mixed Cultures Mama's Blog just now and read her 'scary' post. Something scaring also happen in JB last Monday. It was a sunny day early morning and suddenly came heavy rain with thunderstorm. When we arrived home in the afternoon, the big tree nearby our taman perumahan tumbang and one block got its roof terbang. Angin terlalu kuat kan, tu la bumbung block tu terbuka. Eii..bikin takut o. Dekat blok kami pun ada juga sikit2. Pecah dan terbuka.

However, we don't really care about what happening outside because what was happening inside our office was more interesting! The office ceiling is leak! (mcm salah grammar ja o kan) .The affected areas have to move thier work desk and cover their computer with plastic..adoii..kesian pla sa tengok..teda duit kerajaan ka ini mo repair..berbaldi baldi lg mau tadah tu air..lantai dilapis dengan newspapers. Luckily my work desk is not affected. So next when its raining, teda la sa hairan lg why baldi dah standby awal2 dekat ofis.


Malunye saya..i went to the wrong toilet! This post is written right after the incident.Because i was too lazy to walk up to the toilet at the Administration Dept which is just 2 minutes walk frm my ofis, i went to the toilet nearby, which is actually toilet for my dept. From what i know, there are only 2 toilet for Hospitaliti dept. Before went inside, i've looked for the Male and Female sign as toilet usually have but there was no sign on the door or even on the wall. The first toilet do have the 'mangkuk tandas for lelaki' and can be seen fom outside. So, i confirmed that is for Male. The second one don't have. I confidentlly went inside because i'm sure that one is for female staff. I do what i need to do and opened door mau keluar. To my surprise, a male senior lecturer was washing his hands at the sink! Adoiii..i calmly and steadily asked..(Sabahan punya stail juga tau cara sa tanya). 'Alalala..'ncik, ini tandas lelaki ka? (sambil sia tersengih2 menahan malu, sdh nampak lelaki masih tanya lagi. Stupido tul sa rasa). He answered me: 'Ye, awak dah salah masuk tandas'..'Nasib sa tak tolak pintu tadi,' he added. Sambil tersenyum (kurang asam!)..So, i explained la kat dia (sempat lg explained a, bkn trus keluar) mcm mana sa ble tersesat kat situ...After that he showed me the toilet for female which is located just at the back of the male's toilet. gara2 teda sign and sa tak tanya punya pasal la ni sia sesat. hampehh betul!

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