Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Decision with conscious mind

(NOTE: This entry should have been posted last Wednesday but only now i post it due to internet disconnection on that day.)

14th January 2009, Wednesday

Huh..finally this is my decision. I ACCEPTED the offer. It is a very though decision to make but i finally decided to accept it.


Tomorrow, i'll have a real 1 DAY RETURN TRIP to KL. Alone. Yeahoo..i'm gonna rock and roll tomorrow!

Just imagine, my flight is on early morning 7.15am 2mrw..flight back to sabah is at 5.15pm. I've to make my journey as fast as possible to Putrajaya and settle everything there before 3pm. Oh GOD, i hope 2morrow gonna be fine!

I never thought that early year of 2009, i'll have this kind of life. Something new for me and there are more unexpected happenings in the days ahead, for sure.

I also requested that my working date (supposed to be 2morrow) being postponed for 1 month period as i need time to find house in Pasir Gudang and it must be the nearest to the college. So hard because, the college's staff quarters are already full. So, yeah..lets see what happen 2mrw first..

GOOD LUCK to ME! (for tomorrow).

16th January 2009, Friday

Yesterday went smoother than i expected. I woke up at 5am to get ready and went to airport at 5.30am. Checked in and boarding at 6.55am. The aircraft departed earlier than the scheduled and arrived early also at LCCT. In fact, that was my second experience on board..(sian ba..baru 2 kali naik kapal terbang sampai sa lupa camana mo buka tu seat belt..hihi..nda tingu camana tu pramugari demonstrate ba..)

If u ever travel alone
, i'm sure how kind of feeling you experienced. Walk straight to your destination and ignoring the people around you. That was what i did yesterday as i was in need of hurry to get to Putrajaya Presint 1 to register and attend the briefing. The registration and taklimat started at 8.00am and i was already late.

But guess what, i went to the wrong place lagi..haizz.. I supposed to go to Presint 5, Putrajaya International Conventional Centre. (PICC)..hehe..nda tingu surat betul2 ba..registration dekat PICC, bukan dekat ofis Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi. Luckily one of the kementerian staff being very kind to me and help me to get a cab to Presint 5...wah,,betul2 pengalaman ni..tapi kena bayar rm13 lg (metered taxi). Nasib la duit masih cukup..(dah la tadi bayar taxi 52.30sen! mahal juga la)

Arrived at PICC, the briefing was already started, but registration still opened. There were about 10 registrars at the counter and all of them were looking at me with smile (nasib bkn mcm nampak alien!) as if the expecting my arrival...hehe..ya la, sia la bakal pegawai yang paling lambat datang register..talked to them for a while before joining the others inside the hall..Siok pla jadi orang Sabah ni tau. Bila pg Semenanjung, mesti senang dikenali sebagai Sabahan or Sarawakian..Ada ja yang tegur 'dari Sabah ke or dari Sarawak ke? Nasib la nda kena recognized sebagai Philipino..hihi.

All ended around 1.30pm, called the taxi driver to pick me at 3pm..i took my time to walk around the PICC area, met several people who were kind as well and still when they approached me, this question is a must 'dari Sabah ke or dari Sarawak ke? hihi..

And today, here i am again..already with a clear mind, planning for the next journey to Polytechnic Johor Bahru..There are several things i need to clear as well at my current off ice) resignation letter (done, handed to CE just now), start packing and clearing my work desk and blablabla..

So, its confirm that i am resigning from my current college this month, and next month to start a new life at a new place, new people, new student and many more news.. at a new college: Polytechnic College Johor Bahru.-tempat baru di mana saya akan meneruskan perjuangan sebagai pendidik anak bangsa..uisehh...


Kay said...

bravooooo...nah u can make it bah..rasanya kita di aport kk pada masa yg cek in jam 6am tpi p sndkn..yg p kl next 2 counter kali tu..tapi kita tidak terjeling-jeling o kan.huhu

Zoi said...

betul ka cat? alala..tau la kalau sdh saturang jalan ni..nda sdh tingu2 kiri kanan. jalan lurus terus. sa di luar dgn hubby sa sampai 6.15am gitu baru sa masuk d departure hall. ya la kali tu..nda terjeling2..

Debbra said...

hi, eventho i din know u but i would like to say CONGRATS for been accepted as PPPT DH41. I also attended the interview but failed..