Monday, November 24, 2008's a history! Yupp..for me at least. Its because i've finally created this -my very humble blog. After trying some other blog hosts, i decided to choose this one -blogspot. One of my dear friend suggested blogspot, and i chose it. Thanks Pam!

Life: Now and then. Thats my blog title. Simple.

It reflects my life:

*daddy's spoiled daughter - at least 3 years before my 2 younger sisters born
*a student - secondary, primary, graduate
*was a great athlete - i miss those days when my frens shouted: run to the finish line!
*a single but admired by somenoe which i didnt, engaged
*ever be a LOSER -what?
*lack of confidence - gemuk ba sa dulu, tu la tu..
*brothers' protected sister -what more i want? i had 5 bodyguards till i married! hehehe..
*ZERO knowledge bout IT things - my body shivered when first time hold the computer mouse! *It was around early year of 1999. Pity me that time!
*ever cried when my brother scolded me because he found a boy's letter inside my exercise book
)always cant wait to check my bank account every 2 weeks -thats the time my brothers bank in my weekly allowance. Hehee..

And there are many more sweet and bitter stories in the list during my those days...

*happily married to a..? hiiya, of course a male lo! hahaha..
*a teacher
*and yeah..still considering myself a student! learning is a life long process.
*mum of 7 months old son, Thanks God he is very2 adorable!)
*trying to be the best mum; if not in the world at least for my beloved son.
*my self confidence had incresead to -70%..i guess.
*struggling to live life to the fullest - sounds scary huh?
*cant wait for the date coming to 30th / 31st every month. Come on, u guys know what i mean!

And the list goes on as time goes stay tune people! i will update my blog whenever possible .. (p/s: i took one day to finish my first the office -thanks BOSS for this only privilege for the staffs that all of us love it.)-

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