Monday, November 24, 2008

Making soy bean milk

Do you know how to make fresh soy bean milk? Here goes a very informative post frm me (hope it does).

I thought the process is damn difficult. But hey, after watching the students presentation (in which they need to demonstrate something), its not that difficult at all. (Thanks to Ms Rita for allowing us to be the audience CUM the food tester!) I cant wait for the weekend to try it!

1. First, naturally all you need is a pack of dry soy bean (choose the white dry one) which can be bought from many supermarkets.

2. Soak the beans in the cold water - make sure the beans covered with water - at least 8 hours. (NOTE: soaking time also can be maximum to 24 hours. Remember do not oversoaked the beans as it will effects the soy milk test. In between the soaking period, you can change the water few times)

3. Next step, blend the beans with adequate liquid (of course you need blender to grind up the beans). Grind until the beans are finely ground. It depends on the milk thickness. If u like it thick, put less water. If you like it mild, add more water.

4. Then, you need to strain or more better if you squeeze using cheesecloth to get the milk only. The filtered liquid is pure soy milk.

5. Before you drink the milk, boil it to the boiling point. Finally, its ready to drink. Add sugar/honey if you dont like its original taste. You may also add flavour to it. Or you may choose what to put to mask the flavor. I will try pandan flavour. Mesti sadap...

6. The milk is best drink straight away. It is totally preservative-free so it may not be kept too long.


What to do with Okara?

Remember when you squeeze the blended soy bean? There is fibrous part of the beans which you called -Okara. I asked my friend what to do with that? Do not throw it. It contains high fiber, protein, calcium and other minerals. So, i guess we can mix it with sandwich..hahaa..not find the info.

P/s: i know this is not very informative enough, but at least i've give you an idea to start.
Happy trying everyone!! (to me too).

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