Monday, April 11, 2011

'Tagal' sg. Moroli Kg Luanti Ranau

I am having a headache right now. Maybe because i exposed to the hot wether this morning during visit to The Green Connection in Likas.

That's why i post picture only. Kata orang, lets the picture talk..i believe many knows already the existence of this place.

The entrance. The signboard is on the left. A small hut cum gift shop cum registration counter and get their ticket. Here, visitors can watch the slideshow before proceeding to the river where the fish are waiting..:)
The signboard with a big fish replica.
The students enjoying the fish massage.
Everyone heading to the river.
It was raining the day/night before. We were so unlucky cause can't see the fish clearly. The water is cloudy.

Me and Ms. Darmah, the translator for the mute and deaf students.
After 15 minutes enjoying the fish massage, its time to wash our feet and say goodbye to the fish. Time ni semua kaki merah-merah digigit oleh ikan2 kecil yang kunu-kunu mengurut. Kalau yang ikan besar barulah best rasa dia, sebab bibirnya tebal. Lembut ja kena di kaki.

Students, trying to catch the fish.

Its worth visiting this place with only rm5 entrance fee for foot massage only and rm10 if you want to 'mandi' with the fish.

For sure will come back here again with my family.:)


Kay Masingan said...

wah best jg o...never been there...

zoi said...

hi cath..senang ja tu pigi sana, tepi jalan betul2 ni tempat. simpang sebelum kg ni simpang pigi Sabah Tea Garden. rancang la utk students cath.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, I have never seen, nor experience this 'fish massage'. Wow! Never knew fish can be that friendly too.
The only fish I know is the one I catch with my fishing rod or as in fish head curry, ha ha.
Love this place. Hope one day can visit.
Have a nice day.

zoi said...

haha..Uncle Lee, the fish that you catch 'tak sempat' kena train. Terus masuk kuali jadi kari kepala ikan..Hahaa..
Well, actually this place is under the category of eco-tourism site in Sabah, Malaysia. One day if you have chance,this place is among the places that u must visit if you come to Sabah.

Thanks fro dropping by Uncle Lee.Great Day to you, Zoi.

nc said...

best o ko.. slu bawa student teda motivasi sda mo bawa dorang keluar ni.. paling2 pun.. p tingu wayg. hahahaha

zoi said...

Nc; aktiviti2 ni time study week ja buli plan..saya mengiring ja la buat masa skrg. next sem baru sa plan sa punya program. mcm sa mau buat sana hutan lipur kawang..sia suka o tu tempat.